Official White Paper


Kalissa is a young French startup that uses blockchain technology to guarantee luxury products for life.
Luxury products are finally seeing a revolution that will change the way you consume.
Through the Kalissa ecosystem, you will be able to invest in luxury NFT-related products, which will give you access to lifetime regeneration of all our products at a lower cost.
All of our products have a sum backed by NFTs, to guarantee a constant minimum value.

The bird of Kalissa

This revolutionary concept was born around a few people passionate about luxury and new technology. After the buzz in 2020 around the NFT, the Kalissa brand was created mainly to change the way of consuming in the years to come.
-Link physical products to the big metaverse and wear your clothes from our collections on your 3D avatars.
-The regeneration on demand of your unique Kalissa product whether it is damaged or simply to find a new product.
A marketplace to buy and sell products of everyday life or NFT with cryptocurrencies.
Staking to make your investments grow.
The future is NFT, big metaverse, Meta (Facebook), Roblox Fortnite and the web 3.0.

Our mission

Kalissa aims to bring together all consumers, collectors, users and investors of luxury goods :
-The investor: When you buy a Kalissa product during exclusive drops, you will be guaranteed to get a percentage of your investment back at any time via the $KALI system attached to your NFT. With your product, you will be exposed to the price of the $KALI (Kalissa token), but also to the speculation of the NFT.
-User: Wear and use exclusive goods without any fear of damaging them, thanks to our regeneration system, no matter what its value is, you can use our products as you have never been able to do before with other brands. Moreover, Kalissa is committed to maintaining exceptional items with a maximum of made in France when partnerships allow us.
-Collector: Kalissa products will initially be available through a limited edition collection system. Whether you are interested in history or design, we will have something in our inventory for you. Whether it's a series designed and produced by our team such as our first drop called "genesis" or collaborations with various artists, you'll have something to enjoy.
Together we will change the way the world consumes, invests and saves. Become the owner of an asset that you can both regenerate infinitely, integrate into metaverses and sell on our marketplace, all thanks to the complete ecosystem of KALISSA.

Our drop

Our sales will be exclusively on our platform in the form of drops. Each of our drops will have a rarity gauge set up on each product and will present a variable number of copies according to the collection while remaining in a constant exclusivity optics.

Physical product and NFT

For each physical product acquired, an NFT will be automatically assigned to it. This one has a major importance concerning the functioning of our revolutionary ecosystem, since it is the one that offers you the possibility of having a fixed number of tokens backed, to guarantee a minimum value to the physical product without counting the speculation due to its level of scarcity.
Thanks to the NFT, your product is forgery-proof, authentic and thus avoids any fraudulent reproduction.
This NFT represents a digital object, but also physical in our case. This data is stored and authenticated through a blockchain protocol. In other words, it is a deed of ownership recorded in a public and decentralized digital register. It is equally important, as it is the only way you can regenerate your physical product on demand.

Rarity levels

In addition to the limited quantities, you will have the chance, depending on availability through a system of limited edition collections, to have an additional level of exclusivity through levels of rarity that are randomly assigned.
The level of scarcity will influence the fixed back-to-back value as well as the visual.
The different levels of rarity in ascending order will be as follows:
For each collection, the products will be correlated with the level of rarity assigned to it (X% of the value of the new product backed by the NFT), this varies depending on the drops.

A new product for life !

Nowadays, in the world of limited editions, it is necessary to keep your product in a new state in order to avoid any discounting of the latter. We can see it in the world of sneakers with some people storing them in glass shelves in order to display them without damaging them. This principle limits enormously the possibility of wearing or using the good.

Regeneration of your product

With KALISSA, you have the freedom to wear your products every day, without worrying about damaging them, with the possibility of remaking them on request.
What a pity not to take full advantage of a luxury item; whether it is a garment or a fashion accessory for fear of getting it dirty and losing its value. Very often, we buy an expensive product and wear it for rare occasions.
Kalissa remedies all these consumer problems we are currently experiencing and offers the regeneration of your item.
The regeneration option allows you to reproduce your product identically at a minimal cost, thanks to our new way of consuming you can therefore in case of degradation, redo it at any time.
Of course, some conditions will be imposed to verify the authenticity of our products. When requesting regeneration, you will have to go through our official platform, you will have to
will find an appropriate tab where we will ask you for your confidential product information. (QR code, serial number and NFT wallet address)
Once the request has been checked by the Kalissa team, you will receive an email with instructions on how to return the item you wish to regenerate.
Upon receipt, a verification protocol will begin in order to confirm the authenticity of the product in question. Once the confirmation is validated, the old product will be destroyed, then regenerated to new and sent back within 15 working days.

Recovering the back-to-back amount

At the time of your purchase a certain amount will be linked to your NFT. That is to say that your digital product comes with an amount X in token $KALI. This amount will be accessible to you with the burn procedure, i.e. your NFT will be destroyed which will result in the loss of our benefits such as :
-The possibility to carry your product in the metaverse.
-The investment aspect, as it will no longer be exposed to the market.
In order to perform a burn, you must go to our official website to meet all the requirements.
Once the whole process is done, you will receive your back-to-back amount directly on your wallet.
When selling to another individual or business this back-to-back value can serve as your minimum selling price, as this is passed on according to the wallet it is in.
The burn mechanism also decreases the number of copies and therefore the available supply, which will be beneficial for people who own and keep one or more products from our collections.


Kalissa offers you a new way to consume and enjoy luxury. Finally a solution that combines all these facets :
-The investment: when you purchase a copy of one of our drops, you will be assured of recovering a percentage of your investment at any time via the $KALI system attached to your NFT.
-Speculation: through the amount of $KALI backed, you will initially be exposed to the price of our token, but also the speculation of the NFT.
-Quality: Kalissa is committed to produce its products made in France when our partners allow it.
-The pleasure of wearing: Wear and use exclusive goods without any fear thanks to our regeneration system, no matter what its value, you can use our products as you have never been able to do before.
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