KALISSA White paper


Kalissa's objective is to realize collaborations with artists, sportsmen, influencers and
brands to broaden its product offering and democratize our NFTs to the general public.
In the longer term, these collaborations will establish Kalissa as a quality partner at the valuable intersection of NFT, metaverse, fashion and accessories.
Physical and virtual showrooms will be considered, giving access to future stores in the real world and in the metaverse to observe the whole Kalissa universe!
Finally, Kalissa is not tied to a specific brand type.
The Kalissa brand allows itself a wide choice of collaborations, partners with many types of brands, whether they are known or not
This vision will allow Kalissa to adapt its offer according to geographical areas to fit a particular event such as a drop based on Asian or African culture myths, or more global events such as the celebration of Women's Day or Mother's Day!
The different blockchains: Kalissa is established on all blockchains where we can mint NFTs, be it SOLANA as our first drop, or blockchains like ETH, BSC, ADA, DOT etc...
We do not want to restrict our users to one platform. All our NFTs will be transferable in the future on all blockchains that can integrate them, so that there will be no barrier when integrating them into compatible metaverses. To do this, bridges such as those made possible by side-chains will be created and will greatly facilitate asset transfers between different blockchains.