KALISSA White paper

Kalissa Marketplace

The Kalissa marketplace will allow small local producers (Africa, Asia, America) to sell or buy products anywhere in the world. Today, the big marketplaces are dominated by Amazon, eBay, Rakuten. But many people in the world do not have access to these marketplaces. Either they don't have access to bank accounts, or there are several intermediaries. With the Kalissa marketplace, it would be possible to buy coffee from a small producer in Indonesia, for example. The possibilities are endless. No more barriers. With cryptocurrencies, we are breaking down the barriers of international trade. The marketplace can only be paid for in KALI or by credit card. Credit card purchases will be converted into Kali! A KALI stablecoin token will also be set up. As well as a crypto swap to buy KALI directly on the site.
The Kalissa marketplace is an intuitive trading platform that will provide a maximum experience for all types of users, whether they are buyers, sellers or just visitors. Our Kalissa marketplace will have several different menus such as:
-The sales of kalissa’s NFT to individuals or professionals only.
-The sale of any type of objects or clothing or other items of everyday life, between individuals. The common payment method for all transactions on the marketplace will be KALI only.
However, it will be possible to pay by credit card or by the main cryptocurrencies of the necessary value to get KALI in return. To pay in cryptocurrency, it will be possible to connect Metamask, Trust Wallet or Phantom Wallet, etc. You can also get KALI on the dex and cex currently set up on our various available exchanges. The Kalissa Marketplace platform will be a
safe and secure exchange for users. We act as an intermediary validating the authenticity and compliance of the products deposited on the marketplace, thus we guarantee that the NFTs deposited are genuine and that the funds received are real and available before any final validation of transactions between individual or professional members, buyers and sellers. The purchase of NFTs or items deposited on the Kalissa marketplace will be done through bids and auctions. If a seller accepts an offer, the buyer will be invited to send funds instantly to a Kalissa secure wallet.
At this stage, a qualified agent will intervene to verify that everything is in order before validating the final transaction between the buyer and the seller. During this phase, contact information, address and availability of funds are verified. It is of utmost importance for Kalissa to accompany its loyal clients in order to simplify and manage their transaction.

Sale of physical products

For the sale of physical items:
When the item is sold, you must set the following delivery options on the ad page.
1- Send the product. You have to pay the shipping costs.
2- Hand delivery.
Nearby buyers can pick up the item at your home. You can add a delivery service or several delivery services.
If you are offering hand delivery, enter the postal code of the location of the item and the amount.

International delivery

To add international shipping to your listing, select the countries to which you wish to send your items, then specify the international shipping service and charges. The selected shipping company will take care of the refund guarantees in case of loss or theft of the package. Tracking of the package will be mandatory and will be displayed in the my orders in progress tab.


All packages entering or leaving a country must first be cleared through customs. The carrier will provide you with all necessary forms for international deliveries beforehand.
We have rules in place to ensure the safety of the Kalissa marketplace. If you have a problem with a seller who is not following our rules, please let us know and we will look into the situation.

Vendor verification

The best rated sellers get the status of verified seller, which is a testament to the exceptional experience they provide to buyers. Online customer service is available at all times to inform or answer any questions or transaction issues. To use our customer service or free exchange platform, you must first be registered at www.kalissa.io.​

After-Sales service

A platform dedicated to after-sales service has been set up to advise and guide our users. The objective is to keep our customers loyal and satisfied. We want to achieve this through fast response times and by maintaining a high level of professionalism in all our customers' concerns.
Specific questions we expect from users are, for example, questions about our products, concerns about cryptocurrency transactions, questions about the Kalissa marketplace, and many other recurring questions that are regularly asked.
Our entire service has been put on the Discord platform with a ticket system. Everything is easy to use, no need to indicate your e-mail or other, we are available 7 days a week 24/24.
We will set up an NFT invoice request. You will be able to have a proof of purchase as NFT.