KALISSA White paper


Our token $KALI plays a major role in the Kalissa ecosystem as it is useful on the Kalissa side and on our MarketPlace, as well as in our partner stores.

Kalissa drops payment

All of our drops can be purchased with $KALI, just connect your wallet and proceed to purchase via our website www.kalissa.io

Buy Back

When a drop is set up, all NFTs are automatically assigned an amount of money from our promise to purchase following the sale of the NFT. If an NFT has $100 of backing value, we commit to buy KALI at the current price to back the NFT.


Kalissa has introduced a staking program that allows KALI holders to earn a fixed rate of return. You can choose one of the three formulas currently available:
3 months => up to 1.5 APR
6 months => up to 4% APR
1 year => up to 10% APR.
The amount entered will then be blocked for the period you have chosen. Once the staking period has started, you will not be able to release or withdraw the tokens.
At the end of the staking period, the tokens will be automatically released with the rate of your tokens added according to the predefined choice.


You will have access to our governance system dedicated especially to $KALI holders, the amount of $KALI you own will be proportional to the weight of your vote during the different proposals we will be able to put in place to the community. Such as decisions about Kalissa's future and development.

Market Place

All purchases and sales will be made via the $KALI token. Payments by credit or debit card will be automatically transferred in $KALI so that no bank account is required on the seller's side.
The payment breakdown will be as follows:
-Payment in $KALI to base a product at $100 Discount of 2% due to payment in kali so $98 at purchase, the seller would collect $95 and the remaining $3 is the fee.
-Payment via any other currency (credit card, crypto etc.) For a base of a product at $100 You will pay the full amount and the seller will remain $95 which increases the fee to $5.
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